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Have you ever been in a room where the owner kept adding mismatched furniture in order to contain their clutter? Before they knew it, there were plastic bins, particleboard bookshelves, baskets and storage ottomans scattered around the room. These things were supposed to make them feel organized, right? So why did they feel so disorganized? Because they let their clutter define the room instead of taking control of the room themselves, and defining it as a whole.

Stuff can be “put away” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re organized. Being organized means that you can find what you need when you need it, and you are comfortable in your space. In other words, you know where things are, and you’ve integrated that order into your home’s design.

So rather than continuing to haphazardly add furniture into your room, ask yourself:
1. What do I want the function of this room to be?
2. What do I need in this room to fulfill that function?
3. How do I want this room to feel?

Then, get sorting. Remove the items and furniture from the room that do not pertain to your definition of what it should be. You can either relocate, donate, recycle or trash the unwanted items.

Look at the furniture and stuff in the room that you do want, and create a design plan. Ask yourself:
1. Where are the big furniture pieces going to go?
2. How do I want to contain my keep items?
3. What accessories do I need in order to make the room feel complete?

As I always say, if it’s beautiful and functional, you’ll be inspired to keep it that way!

What room in your home has been defined by the clutter? Let us know and we’ll give you some tips!

*images by Lonny Mag


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Amy Messinger • on July 26, 2011

Excellent suggestions and so, so true. I am guilty of constantly buying containers to accommodate my daughter’s growing collection of toys and it looks like a flea market sometimes 🙂

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