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Having just finished custom window treatments in a few of my client’s homes, I decided to jot down a few tips. Window treatments can instantly raise the height of your ceiling, increase the size of your windows and brighten up any space. Just follow these simple guidelines:

1. Install your hardware as close to the ceiling or molding as possible. This accentuates the height of your room and lends a dramatic effect to the windows.

2. Your curtains should frame the window, so install your hardware to extend past your window frame by at least 8-10″. This makes your window look larger, and lets the maximum amount of light in when the curtains are open.

3. Make sure your floor length curtains are just that; floor length. To get the right length, measure from the floor to the bottom of the rod or rings. (This requires installing the hardware first, then ordering the curtains)

4. To determine the width of your curtains, measure so that when stacked, the leading edge of the curtain finishes where the glass begins. (Stacked: the space the curtain occupies when it’s open)

5. Fabric: Hold your fabric up to the light before selecting it. It may show thread or a pattern that you don’t want to see. Sun ruins silk, so consider a silk-like synthetic. Wool is one of the best fabrics to use (but it can yellow over time).

6. Lining: You may want to have your curtains lined to either ensure darkness in a bedroom for example (blackout lining) or to add weight to cotton or linen curtains so they hang better.

7. Details: Settle on the finer points of the following: pleat style – (see examples below), puddle (how much of the fabric will pool, or not, on the floor), tie backs (yes? no? Fabric Tiebacks or metal/wood?), mechanism (will you use a bead chain to open and close the curtains or a rod?), lining, color and trim?, etc.

I truly believe custom window treatments finish a room. They open up the architecture and tie in the fabrics and textures that you have in the room. We’re happy to help you execute on any of these tips!


*images from House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Canadian House & Home, Country Living





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