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Paris Flea Market :: Clignancourt


We just returned from Paris, and one of the things I was most excited to do (since I couldn’t eat the cheese and could only sip wine) was to visit the Paris Flea Markets.  My friend Tricia and I decided to head to one of the largest markets in Paris called Clignancourt in the 18th Arrondissement.  I downloaded Claudia Strasser’s App “The Keys to the Fleas” for some guidance.  She has great information contained in her app, but one thing to note – the markets actually open around 10 or 10:30 am – not 8:30 am.  We found a nice little cafe for some coffee and a croque madame, so we were happy to wait.

The main street is Rue des Rosiers with side markets down rue Paul Bert, Rue Lecuyer and rue Jules Valles.  If you’re planning to ship items home, the vendors told me to use Ship Antiques (apparently better than Hedley’s Humpers) but it was not cheap!  About €600 for a crate that was about 3’x2′.

I loved window shopping and photographed some interesting pieces and displays that I saw.  I’ve been told that if you really dig, there are deals to be found, but I would have needed a week to really make that special find.  In the end, I found most of the items overpriced and not worth the hassle and expense to get home… sad.  But, if I only had a Parisian apartment to decorate, I would have cleaned the place out!

Where to stay in Paris: Le Pavillon de la Reine incredible art stores in the surrounding area

Where to eat dinner: Spring

Where to eat lunch or have an afternoon glass of wine: Les Editeurs

Where to have a great drink: LMDW Fine Spirits (or so I was told by my husband) – go upstairs to the bar – it’s beautiful

Where to taste Champagne without actually going to Champagne: Dilettantes  Fanny is the owner and daughter of 3rd generation winemaker Andre Heucq.  It’s an incredible shop and I wish we could have brought it home!

Where to eat if you do go to Champagne: Le Jardin Brasserie

Where we bought artwork: Martinez-Fleurot the same shop has been there since 1903

Would love to hear about your flea market finds – here or abroad!

Cheers!   Noelle





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Tricia Roberts • on December 9, 2012

I LOVE this post! Makes me want to hop on a plane!!! 🙂

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